Composite Panel

ACP Alusign ® is an aluminum composite material based on 2 sheets of Lightweight aluminum with a thermoplastic core, which allows to give any desired shape to the material, such as bends or kinks.

ACP Alusign ® is used for various applications such as signage, large format, electrostatic printing, digital, screen displays, exhibits, etc.

The ACP Alusign ® aluminum sheets are previously painted with a finish polyester paint (PE) on which you can develop all signage applications .



Aluminum Coated 0.15 0.20
Polyester Coating (PE) Color/Color - Color/Backing Color/Color - Color/Backing
Standard total thickness* 3 mm 3 mm
Weight per sheet 4x8 ft 24.55 lbs 25.21 lbs
Weight per sheet 4x10 ft 30.68 lbs 31.51 lbs

*Other special mesurements available by request 4mm/5mm/6mm